Thursday, October 22, 2009

Television for A Busy Mom

I am on the road quite often. And if I am not on the road I am doing things around the house that keep me from watching television shows when they are on. It is pretty rare for me to actually watch my favorite shows when they actually air. I try to rely on my dvr but I frequently forget to program it and am left missing out in my show.

That is until I was introduced to With fancast I am able to watch my favorite shows on my schedule conveniently on my laptop or desktop computer. I simply search for my show and it pops up easily. I enjoy having videos in all one place, in the past when I've wanted to catch up with my favorites online I've had to search the network website for full episodes. is a one-stop shop. I've watched my favorite show Glee, caught up on episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice and watched my Sci-Fi favorite Warehouse 13.

Now I am know that even if I forget to watch my shows, I can play catch up on my own time period. If you are anything like me and have a hectic schedule, might just be the place for you too!