Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I love my modem!

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Sprint

I love being connected. I believe approximately 80% of my interaction with the world is virtual. My best friends live in my computer and although we don't see each other often we communicate on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day. I have an pda, a laptop, a netbook and a desktop. All of these devices are connected to the Internet.

I primarily stay connected by using WiFi. My husband and I have wifi in the house and this enables me to work from any room in the house while keeping an eye on my active toddler. The only problem is that sometimes I have difficulty with the wifi connection on my laptop. There have been times when I was so frustrated because the signal wasn't working properly and my husband was not around to investigate the problem. Please don't think we have the stereotypical gender roles going on in my household, we are both pretty tech savvy but the router is in my husband's office and I respect his space.

Luckily, for the past few months problems with the Wifi have not had a negative impact on my ability to work and connect with my friends. As part of the Momspotters team at BlogHer, I was given the opportunity to try out the Sprint 3G/4G network with my own modem. Life has not been the same. Not only has having my own modem enabled me to always be connected in the home, when I am traveling (which is fairly often), I am always connected! No longer do I have to worry about paying for WiFi at the airport, at the hotel or in random places when I am on the road. If I need an Internet connection I simply connect with my modem. This year I've traveled to California, Tennessee, and New York. I always have a connection! If I want to take my son to the playground and need to catch up on some work - I have a connection! Not only do I have a connection but it is fast. I really cannot tell the difference between my wifi connection and my modem. For now, I only have experience with the 3G network, 4G is not available in my area yet but I am sure that when it is available the connection will be even faster!

My personal modem is truly my favorite bit of technology. And it was so simple to use. It is basically plug and play. I uploaded the software, plugged the modem into my USB port and with one click - connected! I love it.

I have had a few quirks with my modem. I've found that when my computer goes to sleep it takes several attempts for me to get the program working. Sometimes I have to remove the modem from the USB port and reattach it. This really isn't that big of a deal and if I wasn't such a lazy person I am sure I could get some tech assistance from customer service to alleviate it. Clearly, it is not bothering me enough to take the extra step of placing a call or sending an email.

The folks at Sprint have graciously decided to share the love with one of my readers. One of you will be the winner of a $300.00 Visa gift card. All you have to do is answer this question:
How would the power of the Sprint Now Network keep you organized and connected?

This contest is open from 3/10/10 -3/31/10 you can read the full contest rules HERE.

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