Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sikulu and Harambee- Book Review

I am constantly on the lookout for books. My husband and I share a love of reading and we have passed this on to our son. Of course since Mekhi is not quite two yet he "reads" by making up his own words to stories but our reading to him daily has encouraged him to read on his own. I was pleasantly surprised when the Parent Reviews asked if I wanted to review Sikulu and Harmabee, An African version of the Good Samaritan Story by Knule Oguneye. As a child I loved the tale of Ashanti the spider and thought that introducing Mekhi to a similar African tale would be a great idea.

I was not disappointed. I loved the vivid colors in the book and the overall story. The African names reminded me of the time that I spent living in South Africa and my visits to Zimbabwe and Zambia. The moral of the story - helping out others when in need is timeless and this book is a wonderful way to teach children.

In addition to the beautiful artwork and the story, I especially love the key in the back of the book that explains the names, locations and activities that occur in the book. When my son is older he will be able to visit the website to get even more information. Sikulu and Harambe is a wonderful addition to any child's library.

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