Friday, July 10, 2009

Check Out Those Eyes!

I have always had wonderful vision. It is actually better than 20/20, in one of my eyes I can see from 40 feet what most people can see from 20 feet away. My excellent vision enabled me to receive a prestigious Air Force Scholarship valued at over $100,000 when I was in college. Although I was only in the military (ROTC but because of my scholarship I was considered active military) for a year and received an honorable discharge when I decided to pursue other goals.

It is my hope that my son has perfect vision too, however there is no guarantee and I want to ensure that his vision is checked to catch any problems early. This is where Enfant Vision testing comes in. They have a system that can check a child's vision as early as six months. They also have an at home assessment tool that will help to determine if there is possibly a problem with your child's vision. The test only takes about three minutes, I took it and based on my son's behavior his vision seems to be fine - you can take by clicking here. If you decide that you would like to take your child for an assessment, a list of the doctors utilizing Enfant Vision can be found by here.

I know I found the information on the Enfant Vision website to be extremely helpful and I hope you do too.

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