Friday, April 17, 2009

X-14 Mold and MIldew Cleaner

Thanks to Mom Central I had the opportunity to try out X-14 Mold and Stain Remover. This is a powerhouse cleaner. You spray it on and in a few moments stain disappear. This is perfect for cleaning my toilets. That is the one job that I hate the most - scrubbing toilets but using X-14 the cleaning is done for me. This is great since I get hard water stains and this product seriously works. The active ingredient is bleach so you have to be careful when using it. This formula is 60% higher than similar products on the market. When using X-14 be sure to keep the room well ventilated, keeping a window open and/or running a vent fan are suggested when using it.

Although I know X-14 is not a "green" product there are some jobs that I do need a really tough cleaner for and this one will be my choice. X-14 is for use on non-porous services only and works for up to two weeks. In addition to using it inside the home it can also be used outside on wasll, descks, concrete, masonry, tile roofs and plastic furniture. If you have a pool liners or a hot tub in can be used there as well. Just be sure to keep the areas well-ventilated and rinse after use.

On those occasional times that you need a really intense cleaning X-14 will do the job. I am sure I will have my bottle for a very long while because I will only be using it for limited things.


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Roy D. Slater said...

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RHurst said...

That looks great! I don't think I have seen this in the grocery store before, then again I haven't really been looking until now. I have suffered some water damage from my basement flooding, I would hate to have mold grow. I'll have to try this stuff out!

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