Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

When I was six years old I had a very rude awakening. I'd sat down at the Thanksgiving table wearing the Pilgram outfit I'd so maticulously made in school. My aunt immediately gave me an education about the pilgrams and their role in the genocide of Native Americans, our ancestors. Heavy. The tears commenced and although I was forced to face the harsh reality of the origins of Thanksgiving, it was a lesson that I never forgot. Thanksgiving in my family is all about spending time with family and giving thanks for all of the blessings we have. This year I am going to my best friend's new home to enjoy food and spend some quality together.

I also keep in mind those that are facing challenges and in the midst of trails
still give thanks. Last week I had the opportunity to volunteer and learn more
about The Ronald McDonald House Charities.

From November 10-20th McDonald's all over the country held the Give A Hand fundraiser and asked each visitor if they'd like to contribute one dollar to RMHC.

I actually worked the drive thru window and asked for donations!
After our gig at Mickey D's we all visited the newest Atlanta Ronald McDonald
House which provides temporary housing and support services to families of critically ill and injured children being treated at Children's Healthcare of
Atlanta. The RMH Charities also provides grants to children's non-profits and supports education by giving scholarships to students entering college. I was really impressed with everything that I learned about the charity and the support it receives from the community.

All of the dinners at RMH are donated and although some families require
special meals, this is truly a blessing for the families that are able to enjoy
them.There are Ronald McDonald House's all across the country and they are
always in need of donations of household items, coffee, tea, frozen
dinners, and cleaning supplies. There are also volunteer opportunities. I
think this is a wonderful charity and having met a few of the families,
it is clear that RMH truly makes a difference in their lives.

This Thanksgiving I encourage you to give thanks for your blessings and also think about how you can help those that are in need this season.


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