Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Staples for Christmas!

I have to admit that Staples is not the first place that I turn to when I think about Christmas shopping. However, when my good friend Audrey of Mom Generations sent me a $200 giftcard to do some holiday shopping I decided to give it a whirl. Well, I have to say I was impressed! There were so many great gift ideas - from really cute camera cases to Flip cameras there was something for everyone!

I focused on things that I think people will only buy if they are not cash strapped. Things that aren't necessities but nice to have. My first pick was a transmitter for the iPod on the iPhone. In the past I've seen wired hookups to listen to music in the car but Griffin makes iTrip for iPhone or iPod and it wirelessly transmits the music to your radio. It works great - yes, I use it because on this trip the gifts were all for me! LOL

The next gift idea is the LogiTech cooling laptop desk. I always use my laptop and it has a tendency to get really hot after prolonged use. The fan is excellent because it plugs right into my USB port and it is comfortable to hold in my lap.

I also purchased a great case for my iPad made by Targus. It was the most expensive purchase but the leather case protects my iPad (from the hard wear and tear of a three year old) and it allows me to view the iPad in multiple positions. I love it!

The final purchase was really practical - ink for my printer. And the best part about buying the ink from Staples is that  you can join the rewards program and get a discount! And if you return your used cartridges you also get a discount! Love that, the gift that keeps on giving.

I've only touched the surface of what is available at Staples but check out their Holiday Center to see what other great things they have (if I didn't have an iPad the Kindle would be in this review)!

Disclosure: I received a $200 gift card from Staples to do some holiday shopping but all opinions as always are my own! 

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