Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TruGreen Lawn Care

I don't have a green thumb and I don't particularly care for being outside in the heat caring for my lawn, shrubs and bushes. But I am envious of some of my neighbors yards that look like they should be in landscaping magazine (if such a thing exists)!  I do know that lawns need care beyond simply cutting the grass and so I've decided to try to follow some of the lawn and landscape tips suggested by TruGreen:

Tips to prepare your yard for the summer
  1. Clear dead leaves and debris to give room for new spring growth
  2. Prune dead branches from trees and shrubs
  3. Apply mulch around plants to help hold in moisture and prevent weeds in landscape beds
  4. To ensure healthy turf, be sure to mow your lawn at the correct height and always use a sharp blade to prevent tearing of the leaf blades
  5. Use fertilizer to encourage lawn, tree and shrub growth after a challenging winter
  6. Water your lawn one to two inches a week and be careful not to over water, which can lead to disease activity. Make sure to follow local water restrictions.

Since I'm personally not an expert, I'm going to bring in TruGreen to give my lawn a few treatments and I guess I should at the very least water my yard! This Georgia heat is burning up the grass that I have. Hopefully the combination of treatments and water will help my lawn along. 

TruGreen is going beyond lawncare and has introduced tree and shrub care. They are currently holding a nationwide contest to win a $25,000 Mastercard Reward card! You can enter to win at
At the end of the summer I'll let you know how my lawn is coming along, I'm pessimistically optimistic! LOL

Disclosure: I've been provided with a few lawn treatments in exchange for writing this post. Honestly, when I used TruGreen in the past, I've been very pleased with the results so I truly do have high hopes for my lawn! As usual my opinions are 100% my own. 


O'fallon lawn care said...

Regular mowing is also essential as you do not want to remove more than 1/3 of the blade of grass at a time. As long as grass clippings are not too long, you can leave them on the grass — they provide nutrients to the soil, and help keep the ground moist.

St. Charles Lawn Care said...

The debate is always is it better to mulch it or bag it. I say if you cutting alot off bag it if your cutting little off mulch it. Simple.

Lawn Care Websites said...

If you have big lawn, I think it is our responsibility to maintain it. The cleaner the lawn the healthy it is, at the same a healthy people living in it.

Lawn Maintenance in Atlanta said...

One of the keys to a perfect lawn grown from seed is soil preparation. First, the site has to be dug over and cleared of any detritus, stones and weeds. Weeds fall into two categories – annual weeds and perennial weeds.

Annie Monie said...

Whether your lawn suffered from a harsh winter or if you have had moles or voles digging around your property, many homeowners find that their lawn requires some damage control in the spring. Nature can take its course and heal many damages on its own, but to help the process, learn when the best time to fertilize your lawn is and be sure that you focus on proper fertilization to promote fresh new grass. Also, mowing wins again. Same as before, frequent mowing will help to restore the beauty that may have been lost to winter or lawn pests.

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