Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bedtime Safari

One of the things that I have learned as a mother is that children like routines. They thrive on it. Recently I had the pleasure of adding Haydenburri Lane’s Rascal’s and Routines Carry Me Everywhere Suitcase to Mekhi’s bedtime ritual and it is simply amazing. This little case is filled with 5 finger puppets, a board book and a silky soft blanket that even I would love snuggling up with. Each puppet is responsible for one aspect of a bedtime routine and in the story Bedtime Safari we meet each character. Chomper the crocodile, Page the elephant, Rory the tiger, Bubbles the Hippo and PJ the bear. The bedtime pals have quickly become Mekhi’s favorite toys, he calls them his “puppies.” Here is a video to illustrate my point.

Mekhi will carry this beautiful suitcase around the house all day and night if I let him but since I want him to associate it with bedtime I only let him do this as the clock approached the sacred hour. He has definitely become used to it and when he isn’t ready for bed he cries at the mention of the “puppies” the tears quickly dry up when he sees his little friends. We read the board book and his pals accompany Mekhi on his bedtime adventures – brushing teeth, taking a bath,doing a pajama wiggle, a bedtime story and being tucked in. We usually read the bible and before we say our prayers Mekhi neatly puts his pals in the crib. In the morning Mekhi returns the puppets to the suitcase and says goodbye until the evening.

I truly cannot express how much I love the Carry Me Everywhere Suitcase. This product is so well made and just delightful. Everything included is the perfect size for a toddler. Although the recommended age for use is 3 and older, at 20 months Mekhi is having no problem understanding the bedtime routines and the role his friends play. If you have a challenge in any part of your bedtime routine or simply want to add some fun I highly recommend the Bedtime Safari Series.

The Carry Me Everywhere Suitcase is a limited edition in the Bedtime Safari collection. The regular series has a board book and an accompanying plush toy. At $17.98 I truly believe that adding at least one of the books and animals to your child’s collection is worth it. Right now you can get the Carry Me Everywhere Suitcase for $24.99, by using the code safarimoms. Act fast, this offer is only good until February 1, 2009. I know that you and your child will love these toys. Please let me know if you purchase something from the series, I am interested in hearing your feedback.

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