Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Healthy Ideas

The New Year, New You slogan is in full effect and as we near the end of January, I am sure there are folks out there struggling to stay focused -especially when it relates to keep a truly healthy diet.  For many mothers, trying to balance a household, working on losing weight and keeping the level of nutrition up for the children is challenging.  Luckily, Stop and Shop has some innovative tools to help you stay on track. 
Many times  people think that eating healthy meals means sacrificing taste and flavor when in reality it simply means making better food choices, substituting the not so good for the good. This is where Stop and Shop comes in! The Healthy Ideas program makes things easy for you.  Visit the website and check out some of the great recipes that are available and when you shop for the ingredients be on the lookout for the Healthy Ideas symbol.  Alternatively, if you have recipes that are tried and true but want to try healthier versions, simply use the Healthy Ideas products.  There are over  3000 Healthy Ideas products at Stop and Shop, you can learn more about the program (and have access to the recipes) on the Stop and Shop website in the Healthy Ideas section. 

Thank you Mom Central for bringing this wonderful program to my attention.

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