Sunday, October 19, 2008

Clorox Anywhere anti-allergen spray

Mom Central has given me the opportunity to review another product – Clorox Anywhere Anti-Allergen Spray. I was especially excited about this because the people of the male gender in my household both have allergies. And while the verdict is still out on whether Mekhi is allergic to indoor allergens I would rather be safe than sorry.

Enter Clorox Anywhere allergen spray. This product can be used on soft fabrics and helps reduce indoor allergens including cat dander, dog dander and dust mite matter up to 90 percent. And although there are no animals here I have to admit that I do not dust as frequently as I should, okay I admit it – I never dust. Well, there was that one time. Let’s move on.

This product is great because it doesn’t have any dyes or scents for that matter and the best part is I can use it on Mekhi’s toys. Many of his stuffed animals say surface wash only and adding Clorox Anywhere to the mix can only help matters. If you are interested in learning more you can visit the Clorox Anywhere website.

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Sheliza said...

I am glad to know that someone "I know" has tried it. I thought about it for William's toys. I will try it when I come across a coupon. I am one thrifty mama!