Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cool Baby Clothes

I have to admit that I sometimes envy women that have daughters, primarily because of one very superficial reason - clothes. Enter any clothing shop and you are sure to find an enormous selection for precious little girls. For the little boys you have the usual - jeans, khakis, button down shirts, and sweatsuits. Nothing really exciting. So you can imagine my happiness when the Family Review Network gave me the opportunity to review some cool baby clothes.

You see that shirt that Mekhi is wearing? It says REBEL. This shirt was clearly made for my little boy. I caught him in all of his rebellious glory messing around witht the cd player in his room. Of course he knows better but rebel that he is played with it anyway.

The t-shirt is made of 100% cotton and is clearly quality material. It has a nice weight to the fabric and did not shrink in the wash. The one thing that I would suggest when purchasing is to go up a size because the clothes seem to run a bit small. Mekhi is wearing a 18-24 month shirt and despite him being small for his age it is a little bit snug. Since the weather is cooling off I think this shirt is perfect for wearing under a heavier open top for the layering effect.

Uncommonly Cute has a great selection of t-shirts and onesies for both the little girls and boys in your life. All of the tops have trendy sayings and according to the site "Elmo is my homeboy" is the most popular seller. Check out Uncommonly Cute for trendy clothing for the little rockstar in your life.


Erin Tales said...

Awesome! That would be an awesome shirt for both my boys!

Erin Tales said...

Hey - thanks for stopping by Yah - they are a tampa based company. You can order online or shop at Nutrition Smart in Tampa. :)

Anonymous said...

Elmo is my homeboy! How precious is that?