Thursday, October 23, 2008

Holgate Blocks

My son is at the age when everything is fascinating. When I least expect it he surprises me with the things that he says or does. I know that he is at the age when he understands much more than he is able to verbalize - we are similar that way, I understand several foreign languages but am not able to speak them well. One of things that I work on with him is improving his vocabulary by reading to him, showing him letters and even letting him watch some educational tv.

When choosing toys for him I also focus on educational value. I look for things that will help him with vocabulary and motor skill development. And because of the numerous toy recalls I keep my eyes peeled for toys that are not made in China and/or from plastic.

Holgate Blocks are exactly the type of toy that I look for. These blocks are made in America and are wooden from a renewable source. In addition to being able to build towers or structures with the blocks, each one has numbers, letters and animals on it. While we build or tear down structures I point to the blocks and work with Mekhi to identify the symbol or animal. He has great fun and I am content in knowing that he is learning through play. The picture above truly captures his delight with the blocks. Even when playing alone he will build towers, knock them down, throw the blocks (not far) and put them pack in their package.

I highly recommend this toy. It reminds me of toys of yesteryear that did not have all the bells and whistles. Simple learning toys that require your child to use their imagination. If your child is from one to three I think she will enjoy learning and playing with the blocks as much as Mekhi does. Stop by Holgate Blocks and add this fun toy to your holiday list today!


Cindy said...

Hi, Renee! Thanks for posting about the Holgate Blocks. I also prefer to buy American made items. I'm going to check these out for Christmas this year.

Erin said...

I also love American made items. We buy all of our blocks from a guy who operates his business just a few blocks from our house. He makes them all right there, which is so neat! I always feel better knowing that they haven't been treated with anything toxic.