Monday, October 27, 2008

Visit Ciao! and Win a $25.00 Apple Gift Card!

I know that I like to read reviews of products before I make purchases. I read everything I can about travel destinations, electronic equipment, restaurants, spas - you name it and I have read a review about it. Reading first hand testimony from someone that has purchased an item or used a service is helpful for me. If you are like me and enjoy reading and writing reviews there is a new shopping community called Ciao that provides you with an opportunity to review products that you use and get paid to do it!

I reviewed my Flip camera (I heart my Flip!). It was quick and easy to write a 120 word post. The bonus? Getting paid for it. That's right, will pay you $1.00 per post. If you enjoy writing reviews why not get paid for it? You can review anything from movies to beauty products, electronic equipment, and travel sites. You just browse the categories until you find one you like or go there with a particular product in mind that you would like to review. is sponsoring a giveaway of a $25.00 Apple gift card for Cutie Booty Reviews!
To enter this giveaway, first visit Ciao!:

Then, follow this easy, three-step process:
Step 1) Search a product you'd like to review (e.g. iPod Touch)
Step 2) Select a product, click on "write a review" and share your experience using this product, as well as rating, with the Ciao community of shoppers. Be sure to do a full-length review!

Step 3) Join the Ciao community, start connecting with other shoppers and earn money for your reviews ($1 per qualified review). You can even upload video reviews!

Finally, once you have done at least one full-length product review (at least 120 of your own words), post your Ciao username and a link to your review in the comments section on this blog post.
Note: this contest is also open to current members, just be sure to include a link to a new review to qualify for this giveaway.

This contest will ends on Thursday, November 6th at 5:00 p.m and is party of the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival where you have an opportunity to win over a thousand great prizes .


Vodka Mom said...

that's cool. Thanks for the info!!!!!! You are a busy, busy woman!!!

Blue Tourmaline said...

I am logged in over there as BlueTourmaline! Wow thanks for making me aware of this! I sure hope i earn some money :)

Blue Tourmaline said...

p.s I looked for your user name and review and I couldn't find it! please let me know where to look!

Brandy said...

Oh what a neat site. here is my name and link
Name: Mom2Owen


Sandy said...

cool information thanks

Anonymous said...

Here ya go and thanks for the heads up! I actually went there awhile ago and had reviewed for them once. I decided to give it another whirl thanks to you!

And of course, I am mannequin

Mary said...
and my username is singerkitt

Suz said...


txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

junglewife said...

My username there is junglewife
My review is:
of my beloved Bosch mixer!!!
junglewife (at) gmail (dot) com

Julie said...

My user names is julieneff and my review is of here:

royaldixie said...

I am royaldixie and I reviewed my iPhone

Happy Halloween

ewalsh said...

Hi my Ciao name is ewalsh

And the link to my review:


lorides said...

good information, thanks

Ginny said...

My user name is momof2dancers & my review is

Ivan said...

username: thatidiotivan


nbp said...

my entery:

Ciao! user name - niv_bp
Review at:

Laura said...

I appreciate review sites, and try to give reviews when I can. It's so helpful when you're trying to book/buy something (hotels, products, etc). Thanks for the heads-up about ciao!

Here's my review:

User name: SeattleLT
laurachilton {at}

1stopmom said...

This was fun


micaela6955 said...

thanks for letting me know about this site!

username is micaela6955

review is here:

kagey10 said...

Here is one of my reviews!

I am kagey over there btw.

Shar said...

User name trillian


royaldixie said...

I am royaldixie and I reviewed my iPhone!