Thursday, November 13, 2008

Aprons are a Girl's Best Friend

What? Do you think that diamonds should replace aprons in that sentence? Well, diamonds are pretty I have to agree but aprons have utility. And I need an apron for all those times that Mekhi has food from head to toe and says "up pease." I cannot resist those eyes, his words and I end up with my clothes ruined. On the rare occasions that I cook I need to protect my clothing from the inevitable splashing of water that ensues when I become Betty Crocker reincarnate.

Lucky me, my friend Mannequin - one of the charming hostesses of the Tea Party this week - is auctioning off to the highest bidder giving away a Bella Pamela apron. I really want this Nora apron. So while I should be keeping this giveaway to myself, I am promoting the contest with the hope that Karma will shine down on me. And I will be declared winner of the giveaway (include Twisted Sister too please). You have until November 21st to enter. Just in time to don Nora for the first time on Thanksgiving. Good Luck!

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