Saturday, November 22, 2008

Although Black Friday is the "official" first day of the holiday shopping season I am sure some of you have already started. Yes, I know the economy sucks and we are all cutting back but some shopping is going to be done. I don't know about you but I do not like shopping during holiday season. I barely like shopping any other time of the year. Unless of course it is online shopping.

I lurve online shopping. Online shopping is the best. And now, MomCentral has introduced me to the best of the best - Think online mall. Even better - think online mall with all the sales posted, site search by store, by item. Think - online shopping nirvana! And did I mention the prizes? Oh yes, there are prizes! Every week of the holiday season they are giving away "favorite things" chosen by users. I just entered to win a Wii (wish me luck) and next week they are giving away a flat screen tv. But that's not all - they are also giving away a cruise for two - you just need to go see for yourself. has made it easy, click the contest button and enter to your heart's delight. is THE PLACE to do your online shopping. I know I will be there and I am sure the stores that you frequent are there too. Check it out, I will be shopping from the comfort of my home at Nordstroms. Where will you be shopping at


Wendy @ Ruen's on the Run said...

Thanks for the referral. I'l be check into this site...I LUV online shopping too! I hate holiday shopping at the stores with all the crowds of grumpy people.

ChristiS said...

thanks for sharing the site! I'll definitely check it out!