Friday, November 21, 2008

Mobistories - and a gift for you!!!!!!

MobiStories are virtual books for kids. When I first heard about digital books for kids I was a little wary of the whole idea. But then I realized that our children are living in a digital world and things are moving at the speed of light. Why not have illustrated books that are read aloud. Of course this is no substitute for actual reading but when mommy needs a moment or two mobistories provide an educational tool to entertain your child.

MobiStories are available for children aged 0 -10 and can be downloaded onto PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, DVD's, MPE's, Zune, and various social networking sites. I have opened up to the idea of digital books with thoughts of Mekhi being older and having a portable DVD player to keep him entertained on our frequent flights to visit relatives and long road trips. The real test was in viewing the books.

I am very impressed. My favorite so far is Miles the Crocodile. Miles teaches colors and moods to the tune of jazz. The music is wonderful and I find myself playing the book in the background while I work. Mekhi loves music and has been literally glued to the screen when I play the book for him.

I look forward to sharing the other MobiStories with Mekhi- Salsa for Kittens and Ella the Elephant are both books with musical themes. To my surprise I really enjoy them. You should download a couple and see for yourself. Try out MobiStories by using the code BSM123A and download up to $15.00 of MobiStories books for free! I am sure that you will enjoy them as much as I do. Come back and let me know what you think!

ETA: MobiStories has excellent customer service! When I mistakenly downloaded the incorrect file for my Mac I received a response to my email within an hour! Thanks MobiStories!


Jolly Mom said...

these look really cool! my son loves the computer at 15 MONTHS old! he would love these!

Diqueta said...

These are so awesome! We are definitely downloading to our iPod and Zune!! Such a simple concept, but excecptionally done! I will keep you posted on how the kiddies like it.

Jenna said...

Awesome post! My kids read kung fu panda digital books for children on my iPad. They love it, and I also approve. It's a win-win.