Saturday, November 8, 2008

Juice for toddlers

Mekhi can be a picky eater. Trying to balance ensuring that he gets all of his nutrients with his proclivity to throw things he doesn't like on the floor can be challenging. So am constantly on the lookout for healthy foods that taste good. The same is true for the things that he drinks. I give him milk with his meals. If he requests a drink after meal time I generally give him water. I don't want him drinking a lot of juice because I am concerned about the sugar levels in many popular juices.

But the R.W. Knudsen Family Organic Sensible Sippers are different. They are in a smaller package then conventional juice boxes - only 4.23 fl oz per serving. This juice also has no sugar added and has 40% less calories - the mix of 50% juice and 50% water cuts down on calories. And the best part? They are certified organic! The Sensible Sippers are just the type of juice box that I can give Mekhi without worrying about empty calories! The juice boxes are Berenstain Bear themed so they are even fun to look at.

Mommy is happy but Mekhi has to enjoy the taste for this to be a score. I gave Mekhi a juice box as part of his snack and it was gone in less than five minutes! He asked me to try to get the rest of the juice out of the box and I had to laughingly tell him it was all gone.

R.W. Knudsen Family Sensible Sippers have now been added to the Cutie Booty grocery list. It is the perfect drink in the perfect portion for toddlers. It is available in apple, banana, fruit punch and mixed berry flavors. Be on the lookout for this juice in the Whole Foods grocery store!

Thanks goes to the Family Review Review network for giving me the opportunity to review this great product!

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