Friday, November 14, 2008

Lango -Language Immersion for children

The development of children is remarkable. I look at Mekhi now and sometimes have a hard time remembering that a mere 17 months ago he was a baby, relying on me for everything. Now he is a willful, independent boy that enjoys exploring the world. He feeds himself, drinks from a cup and soon will be potty trained. The human mind is amazing.

Learning is taking place at the speed of light. This is the perfect time to introduce another language to my son. Lango centers teach total immersion Spanish, French and Mandarin classes for children ages 18 months - 9 years. Mom Select sent me a Lango Spanish cd. I have to tell you that the lyrics are great and the music is fun to dance to. Mekhi has a ball when I play the cd for him. I am thinking of playing it during car rides so that he develops a familiarity with Spanish.

My plan is to enroll him in the classes in the new year when a center opens in our area. And at $16.00 per class, Lango is surprisingly affordable. Classes are currently conducted in California, Texas, Georgia, etc. If you are interested in having your young child learn a foreign language, Lango is a great option for you.

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Anonymous said...

be careful of the lango program in mandarin located in san mateo county. the program doesn't follow lango kids philosophy and uses different material. more structured, uses more english than mandarin in the classes.