Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ride and Drive Chick

When approached by BlogHer to attend the BlogHer/GM Ride and Drive event I immediately said yes. Who am I to turn down an evening of driving great cars, meeting fellow bloggers and smoozing in an Atlanta hotspot? And the bonus? BlogHer is actually paying me to write a review of the experience! Cha ching!

The Meet-up was held at the Twelve Hotel in the hopping Atlantic Station. For those of you unfamiliar with Atlanta, Atlantic Station is a shopper, foodie, exhibit and people watching heaven! I venture to say there are over 100 shops and I toyed with the idea of a brief shopping detour. But the sight of the cars lined up, ready to be driven, turned my focus directly to the task at hand - test driving the best that Saturn has to offer. To really get my perspective I put together this video for your viewing pleasure.

Now that you’ve seen the Hybrid Vue and the Sky Redline I am sure you are thinking I have a preference. And of course you are correct. Given my current lifestyle the Vue has everything I am looking for in a car. I work on being green and saving natural resources (and gas money, new shoe alert) and with 32 mpg this crossover SUV is just my style. With 6 cylinders it rode like a dream and had quick acceleration. I have heard owners of other hybrids complain about the slow pickup but no worries with the Hybrid Vue, it is powerful!

Of course I had to drive the Sky roadster to feed my lust for speed that has been curtailed by mommyhood. And ladies, if you are an empty nester, childless or just have disposal income to spend on a getaway car for girls night out, then this car is for you.

After the driving, drinking ensued. With care and caution of course. The Lobby restaurant at The Twelve hotel was the perfect venue for the meet-up. It was a classy joint, okay? No loud music, dimly lit lighting and drinks that were to die for. I especially enjoyed my chocolate martini and the crab cake appetizers were divine.

The atmosphere was conducive to meeting fellow bloggers and chatting about our shared love of blogging. Mommas had babies in tow and some even brought spouses. I think we could have talked all night as we educated one another and the representatives from Saturn about new media and social networking.

When the night came to an end I left with a list of new blogs to check out, respect for Saturn and true appreciation to BlogHer for organizing the event. I can only imagine what BlogHer 09 has in store and based on the experience last night – I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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Stephanie said...

Very nice report and great video. I love the sports car, but the kids will have to stay home. I wish they held some of these events in California. Maybe I just need to move.

oh amanda said...

LOVE the video! So you're a Blogger and a Vlogger! ;)

So fun to meet you!!

Michele@Integrated Mother said...

Looks like a fun event! Love the video too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cool video. I am so excited about how well you have taken to blogging. I am getting tips from you now. LOL.

Rhonda said...

How exciting!! Congratulations.

That Sky Roadster looks Beautiful!! I would love to be behind the wheel.

LaTonya Yvette said...

Congratulations! Love the video

Mrs Mo said...

What a great idea! I should ask the Lotus dealership near me if I can do a test drive for my site! How fun!