Friday, December 19, 2008

Do You Love Your Veggies Mom?

If you are a veggie lover? Are you interested in growing your own vegetables and working with your community? Then you are the perfect entrant for the Hidden Valley Salad Dressings 'Love Your Veggies" Mom Retreat!

10 Lucky moms that are true vegetable advocates will be chosen to attend the Mom Retreat. The winners will be selected based on their commitment to eat well for themselves, their family and the community and having an interest in engaging kids in ways to increase vegetable consumption.

The prize is fabulous!
2 days of classes, cooking demonstrations, and tastings
Personal instruction from Chef Smit
Round trip airfare and hotel accomodations for 3 days and two nights in Chicago, IL.
Dinner at Chef Smiths restaurant, Table Fifty-Two
Meeting the children of Chef Smiths foundation, Common Threads
A Spa Visit
$5000 prize money to start or maintain a community vegetable garden.

Do you want to enter? Visit Love Your Veggies. Thank you Mom Central for this valuable information!

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