Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mobile Mommy

As a mom I have to stay connected. My phone is a lifeline to the world and I need it to to be my personal assistant. I keep my calender, phone numbers, email addresses, you name it I keep it on my cell phone. I know that I am not alone. So, I am constantly on the lookout for the next best thing in mobile phone technology.

MomCentral alerted me to some great news for all of you PC users out there. Windows Mobile phones are now available. What is that? Well, these phones enable you to easily integrate your PC and telephone. Want that great music on your PC downloaded to your phone? No problem. Great pictures? You are covered. Easy email access, a camera, your calender -check, check and check. These great phones have everything you need to keep a busy Mom on track. Take a look at this beauty. This Samsung touch smart phone is just one of many Windows Mobile phones. Take a visit to the website and see everything they have to offer.

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gigibelts said...

I've had Windows on my last 3 phones all touch screen. I currently have the Instinct from Sprint (comparable to iphone) and I love it. It would be weird for me to go back to a regular cell phone.