Monday, December 8, 2008

A Month of Meals

I have mentioned on more than one occasion that I am not a domestic diva. I look for shorcuts to do everything. When the Family Review Network asked if I wanted to review A Month of Meals I immediately said yes. Lately I have been trying my hand at meal planning and this e-book is a great go-to resource for me. The book is more than just a listing of recipes. She includes the shopping list (a huge timesaver for me), nutrition information, and even makes room for substitutions. I cannot speak highly enough about this book.

One of the main premises of A Month of Meals is that by meal planning you will save money. I know that this is true. Planning out my meals and shopping "only" for the things I need has limited my visits to the grocery store and kept more money in my pocket. By combing A Month of Meals with coupons and you will really see the savings add up! Given the current economy I know that we could all use some help in this department.

If you want great meals, a shopping list, tips and tricks for saving money I suggest that you try out A Month of Meals!

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